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See How You Can Detox Your Whole Body In Just One Weekend!

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Most detox programs last a week or ten days, such as the popular ten-day Master Cleanse detox that asks you to go for ten days while only consuming lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

If the thought of just going without breakfast makes you light-headed and grouchy, then a ten-day fast is probably not for you. However you don’t have to starve yourself to gain some benefits from detoxing; in fact in one weekend you can take steps to care for your body and spirit that will leave you feeling better than ever come Monday morning.

FRIDAY: This is not the Friday night to rage it. Go to the grocery store if you need some healthy foods for the weekend. Take it easy, or better yet- stay home. Rest and watch a funny movie, or a light romantic story- nothing too heavy. The same goes for your meal: eat, but don’t gorge on a platter of nachos. Have some lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains- in fact this is what you should be shooting for at every meal, but especially this weekend, so plan it out. Cut out as much sugar, caffeine, dairy and alcohol as possible. Take it easy, and hit the sheets early, even if you lay in bed for a couple of hours. Focus on how much your body needs the rest. Relax.

SATURDAY: Wake up naturally- no alarm clocks- and take a moment to lay in bed, stretch, check in with your body and visualize how your day will go. Start off right with hot water and fresh lemon juice, and then take a slow shower in warm water. Exfoliate with a scrub or brush, and thank your body for the many places it has taken you. Look at your body in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful.

Eat a high-protein breakfast (like an egg with a piece of whole wheat toast and orange juice). Leave all TVs, radios and computers off (all weekend if you can), and take a few hours to daydream. Think about all your hopes and dreams- go big- and write them down if you feel inspired. Career, love, family, community…takes some time to really think about how you want your life to be in five, ten, and twenty years. Don’t just think abstractly, but visualize it. Do you want five dogs, two kids or a sailboat in the South Pacific? Don’t be afraid to dream big.

After lunch, take a walk. If you have to drive to get away from city madness, do so, but don’t battle through too much traffic to get to a green space. Perhaps just walk around your own neighborhood with new eyes. Don’t have a destination; instead just enjoy the journey. Bring a camera if you like taking pictures, or a journal if you might want to write some notes.

Saturday night is spa night. Put on some chill music that you love, light some aromatherapy candles and sit down in a comfortable chair. Apply a face and body mask, and put leave-in conditioner in your hair. After another warm shower, moisturize like mad, especially the parts that don’t get it: cuticles, heels and elbows. Read an inspiring magazine or book to pass the time, but try to avoid tabloid chatter or beauty magazines. Leave the TV off.

SUNDAY: Wake up naturally, stretch while in bed and take note of how your body feels. Visualize your day. After another cup of hot water and lemon, do something creative and fun: paint a watercolor picture, bake vegetable lasagna, dance to your favorite music, draw a picture of a horse, knit a scarf, write a silly poem…find something you lose track of time doing, and lose yourself in the creative process for several hours. If you get bored or anxious, switch to another creative activity.

Eat a healthy lunch, then take a nap. Can’t sleep? Meditate. Can’t sit still? Do some yoga or Pilates. However don’t stress about doing or not doing something right. Just be.

Sunday evening you should refocus your thoughts and energy towards the future. Remember those daydreams you had Saturday morning? Now it’s time to think about how you can implement them into your daily life and make them real, whether that means talking to your boss about a raise, starting saving for a trip to Nepal, or finally commit to a healthier lifestyle and losing the weight. Get online and price flights to Paris, research new job opportunities or sign up for a Thai-cooking class. Make at least one active step towards one of your dreams- it is easier than it seems.

Didn’t taking care of yourself feel good? Don’t you feel refreshed and renewed? Now you can get another good night’s sleep and wake up on Monday ready to conquer the world.

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Shilo Urban is a freelance writer who has just relocated to Los Angeles after her previous homes of Seattle, New Zealand, Paris, Maine, and Austin. She is an active member of the West Coast electronic music community and lives to promote the art that she loves and the people who create it.

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