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How To Keep Him From Cheating
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Learn The Secret To Keeping Your Man Happy and Faithful

No doubt one of the most devastating experiences of human existence is to be betrayed by someone you love. Those who have been through a situation of infidelity often bear deep emotional wounds, sometimes even refusing potential relationships out of a fervent desire to protect oneself.

But humans, even after being burned terribly by an unfaithful lover, usually come back around to thinking that the benefits of an intimate relationship outweigh the potential risks of being hurt again. Making yourself open to love also means making yourself vulnerable, which can be a hard step for those who have been hurt.

Perhaps you have never been cheated on, but in the wake of several high-profile cases of marital infidelity (ahem, Tiger), you may be wondering if your relationship is safe and secure.

First, a few facts about cheating:

NO relationship is 100% safe and secure. If you believe yours is, well- there is a reason they say love is blind. Make sure your eyes aren’t so clouded by the “high” of love that you don’t notice that he changes the subject every time you bring up that trip to Miami last month.

Everyone does NOT cheat. The people who say, “everyone cheats” are cheaters. Many humans are in happy and monogamous relationships, knowing that the sacrifice of a few sexual adventures is worth not destroying a life together.

12% of men will cheat, no matter what. No matter what their wives ever do, no matter how many home-cooked meals, how many love notes, how many adventures in the bedroom, or how many children you have together. Hopefully you will not fall in love with one of these men, but if you have, figure out whether if you would rather live with his infidelity or without him- because it will always be one of the two.

There is no way to prevent your man from cheating 100% except by locking him up in a castle with a chastity belt, which is what men did to women in the Middle Ages.

There are, however, steps you can take to try and prevent infidelity in your relationship. Besides that skuzzy 12% of men mentioned above, most males are not “natural cheaters” or “dogs” or anything of the sort. Rather, they are humans, which means they are emotional beings that need tender love and care.

What? Men are emotional beings? Absolutely. Compared to females, they may seem like logical creatures with no desire for kind words or appreciation, but make no mistake about it- men need love and attention just as much as you do, maybe even more.

In fact, the number one reason men cheat is not because the grass was greener down the other cleavage or they are bored with routine or the sex isn’t good or she talks too much or he goes out with his friends.

The number one reason men cheat is because they do not feel love and appreciated.

If you want to keep him from cheating, you may think you should hit the gym or get a hot new haircut, but in reality men usually cheat with women who are not as physically attractive as their wives or girlfriends. They go a few notches down, in other words, because these other women make them feel like their wives do not: love and appreciated.

Your man needs to feel like he is a man, like he can “win” you just as he did when you agreed to be his mate. You must tell him on a regular basis, several times a week, how much you love and appreciate him not only for what he does, but also for who he is.

Actions are even more important than words, so in addition to telling him how much you love and appreciate him, you must show him. Buy a six-pack of his favorite beer and stash it in the fridge. Slip a note into his coat pocket saying how proud you are of his continued efforts to support the family. Wink at him when no one is looking, and talk him up when everyone is listening.

It is a difficult time in human history for males, because gender roles have changed more in the last couple of generations than they have in the last several thousand years. Men are no longer the ipso-facto dominant gender, and they need your love and affection in order to adjust to this brave new world of sexual equality- because we aren’t going back.

Men need to feel like men, and if you can successfully make him feel appreciated for his efforts and needed for his oh-so-manliness, then the chances of him cheating will plummet just as his confidence and happiness goes up- and yours will too.

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Shilo Urban is a freelance writer who has relocated to Los Angeles after her previous homes of Seattle, New Zealand, Paris, Maine, and Austin. She is an active member of the West Coast electronic music community and lives to promote the art that she loves and the people who create it.

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