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Simple and Sexy Updo Hairstyles
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Sexy Updo's to Wear on Humid Days

When the weather has stickiness in the air, you know that the humidity will not do anything good for your hair. Instead of spending all your time trying to tame your wild, frizzed out locks this summer, all you need to do is tie it up in an updo and say farewell to all your bad hair days with Pantene hair care products.

Sexy Summer Updo: Classic Ponytail

Photo Courtesy of: pantene.com

When it comes to putting your hair up, there is nothing more chic than a sexy ponytail and the best part is that anyone can do it. Blow dry your hair with a round brush to give it a smooth finish and then comb your hair back to remove any sign of a part. Gather all your hair until it is right at eye level and then secure it with a hair elastic. To keep a more elegant feel, make sure the elastic is tied tightly. If you want more of a breezy approach, keep the ponytail loose and around the bottom of your neck for that very laid back cool style.

Take a chunk of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic and secure it with a bobby pin so that the elastic is no longer showing. Feel free to use a straightener or curling iron on the ponytail to try and tame any frizz and dab it with a smoothing lotion to ensure it is to remain soft. If you want to keep the ponytail a little more relaxed, divide it into two parts and loosely twist them around each other, then wrap an elastic band on the end. You can then twist a chunk around that section as well to diminish the sight of the band.

Sexy Summer Updo: A Stylish Bun

Photo Courtesy of: pantene.com

You can wear a bun if you are going out to a fancy event or if you are merely heading to the beach to meet up with some friends. Either way you will always look good and your hair will be out of your face without you ever worrying about it getting frizzy. For a fancy style, braid a section of your hair, starting on the front and working it over to the side. Then pull all of your hair up and twist it around into a bun. Securely tie it with a hair elastic, spray with some mega-hold hair spray, but nothing too sticky and presto! You have an elegant updo that is trendy and perfect for a night out.

If you prefer something a tad more casual, an easy way to get your hair up and off your face and neck is to simply sit it on the back or the top of your head. Grab all of your hair and without thinking too much about it, wrap it around in the shape of a knot or a plop on your head and fasten it with either a couple of bobby pins, an elastic or a clip. Keep all of your small wispy strands along your face instead of trying to slick everything back. This way it looks very casual and approachable.

Beach hair doesn’t have to be a lot of work, all you need is a hair tie, some product and you are good to go!

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Carissa Chesanek is a freelance writer who works with mainly women's issues that deal with fashion, beauty, health and relationships. She has her master's degree in journalism, is an aspiring author and an active member of The Author’s Guild and the International Federation of Business and Professional Women. 

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